Our family farm and business started with just a few goats and has evolved into a life long project. 
Miriah, Holden & Hudson show their loved goats at many fairs and have won many high honored awards.  Our goats are family, each one having a name and a personality all their own
Our business first started with our goat milk soaps, 
Herbal Packs & Scrubs.      In August 2009 after many long
 months of work and financial commitment, our family 
became certified in RI to make and sell goat cheese.  
No easy task as you can imagine.  Immedietly we began creating a mild goat cheese with a clean distinct flavor.
      Farm Fresh RI at Castle Hill in Newport was our first cheese event.
Now our cheese can be found  at many markets, deli's and fine resturaunts.                     
                               All Of Our products are made by our family on 
                                                       our family farm.


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